I’m a silly girl that appreciates the unique, weird, and eccentric. I have a mad crush on Zack Galifinakis and his awkward sense of humor, believes Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm is just grossly misunderstood, and loves kitschy taxidermy.  I’m the girl who trips up the stairs, walks around for days with paint in her hair from weekend DIY projects, and cries at every damn Sarah McLaughlin pet commercial--and embraces it. I’m a free spirit who wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to giggle at her own dad jokes.

You know those warm, fuzzy feelings? The ones that make you realize that you can actually feel what "home" feels like. The in-between snippets of time that might otherwise be overlooked. I call those gilded moments. Plated in gold, so special to our hearts that we want to protect them, freeze them in a tangible way so we can recall them whenever we need a reminder of what makes our hearts beat louder, stronger, and with more intent.

No matter what you're looking to have photographed--an engagement, a wedding, the birth of your babe, or your Sunday morning blueberry pancake ritual--my goal is to tell your story, with a focus on those moments in the middle with just as much importance as the big stuff.