Nick & Cally // Semple Mansion Wedding // Minneapolis by ASHLEY GROTH

I knew when I met Nick and Cally in uptown for coffee that they would be a fabbuulloouuusss couple to connect with. Cally is beautiful, down to earth, and as classy as they come; Nick is creative, easy going and comfortable. Together they make such a vibrant, laid back pair--a combo kinda tough to come by ;)

An April wedding can bring unpredictable weather but we lucked out having a partly cloudy, warm day with a breeze. Nick and Cally's wedding party were silly and up for anything (including an Anchorman-style jump); and the Semple Mansion in Minneapolis was the perfect venue. Modern, simple touches meets old school glamour. Insider tip: use white washed stairwells for the first look! So dreamy :)


Location: Semple Mansion, MN

Flowers: KMB Floral, MN

Pat & Julie, Minneapolis Courthouse Wedding by ASHLEY GROTH

To say I've been itching for-ev-er to document a sweet courthouse wedding, is an understatement in the greatest. When Julie mentioned she and her fiance, Pat, were going to have a small wedding ceremony with their closest friends as witnesses at the historic Minneapolis courthouse, on the most romantic weekend of the year.. I WAS GIDDY. All the heart eyes. I couldn't wait!

Minneapolis does this really awesome thing where on a date around Valentines Day, they offer free, legit ceremonies in the courthouse atrium, fo' free. Free! It just so happened that Julie and Pat had planned to tie the knot when this promotion was going on.

I think its a whole slew of things that makes sessions like this so near and dear to my big ol' heart. For one: its just all about that love. Of course there is the pomp and circumstance of a more main stream wedding, but its just a little sweeter. It seems a little more innocent. It seems more personal, more intimate; like I'm getting to spy on this real, raw, love. It seems secret and sacred to document such an intimate wedding--even though, on this day, the Minneapolis courthouse officiated over 40 couples tying the knot.

Julie's smile is infectious. And Pat is so laid back and cool as a cucumber (and bonus: a musician!) and they were just the perfect pair. I am so, so, SO thankful to J+P for giving me the opportunity to witness their sweet nuptials. Congrats again guys!