Isla Mujeres by ASHLEY GROTH

A month ago I was basking on the white sandy beaches of Isla Mujeres, Mexico with my best girl Jen, eating our weight in quesadillas and Coronas, feeling totally inspired by our surroundings.

Honestly, to say the place is a "dream" is putting it mildly. Island living is for me, and if that's wrong I don't wanna be right ;)

I was there with Jen second shooting a wedding (that I will post pictures of later) and we had a few days to zip around the island with our cameras. I can't wait to go back!


Since the island is so small, you can rent golf carts and little scooters (or take taxis) around. Jen and I had a pink one, and probably caused a Jen heart attack or two flying over speed bumps ;-)

The streets near our hotel were packed with little bars and restaurants, gelato stands, and shops.

los perros y los gatos were everywhere! Very friendly and though we weren't supposed to feed them they definitely enjoyed a churro or two.

our view outside of our hotel room. Take me back!


Ok, so, mass produced beaded necklaces...but perdy nonetheless.

If you know me at all, you might know I have a thing for skulls and bones. Add in some Dia de Los Muertos variety and I've got no complaints.

We walked along the North side of the island the water was way rockier and choppier. Towards the middle of the island there was the plaza with beautiful terracotta tiled roofs and white plaster buildings. Gorgeous!

Jen again. She was a little peeved I had her stand in an outdoor shower for this one but I still stand by the fact it was totally worth it :)

Rooster Cafe, right on Hidalgo Street. Good breakfast and people watching spot, with the freshest fruit and granola.

Any place that embraces color like they do on Isla Mujeres is A-OK in my book

Until next time, Isla Mujeres! <3

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