minneapolis photography

Northern Minnesota + Southern Minnesota // Film by ASHLEY GROTH

One of the most fun things Ive been dabbling in is film photography. I picked up a cheapo f100 a few months back and it has quickly become my go-to for personal projects. As a photographer, I'm often faced with the dilemma of..should I bring my spendy pro camera for the best possible (technical) images that will allow me to edit to my hearts content? Or should I opt for my light weight film camera and hope for the best?

The answer is always film. Any photographer out there knows that having a camera on you on family trips, birthday parties, etc can start to feel more like a burden than anything else. Every trip that I've opted for my film camera over digital has been so much more freeing--you're much more deliberate since you have a finite number of frames, less selfies and more asking people to snap a pic for you, the beauty of the grit and grain that is characteristic of film. AND when you send your film off to be developed, its like Christmas morning when they're ready :)

Here are a few favorites of two late summer/early fall trips--one to Grand Portage, MN and a few from hiking south of Winona, MN. Enjoy!

{Images shot on Nikon F100, Portra 400 35mm, processed with The Find Lab}

Jessi & John // St Anthony Main Maternity Session by ASHLEY GROTH

Where do I even begin? Jessi and I became fast friends at the tender and impressionable age of 13. Having gone to elementary school with Jessi, I knew who she was; but it was in 7th grade orchestra that I, with that gap between my front teeth, walked in with my violin (real cool) not knowing anyone (because no one else wanted to be in orchestra, apparently?!) and spotted her-- this hilarious, sarcastic girl with a sense of humor way beyond her years.

My 7th grade year was spent taking the bus home with Jessi, eating the best after school snacks that I never got to have at my house (salsa+sour cream+tortilla chips for the win), listening to Eminems new CD and Korn at all hours of the night, and doing ET impressions. Jessi was always so easy breezy and cool and even in 7th grade I knew she was good people.

Somewhere along the way we lost touch but with the magic of Facebook we reconnected again. Reminiscing about Ski Club and eating cheeseburgers in the chalet instead of, you know, actually skiing. And when she asked if I would take her maternity pictures, I couldn't wait to hear that laugh again.

Thank you John & Jessi for reaching out, that little one has the sweetest parents and one funny mama :)

"You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out!" by ASHLEY GROTH

Julie always has the best ideas for holiday cards, so I was super amped when she came to me with her idea last fall. "A Christmas Story."

Now, its a tradition near and dear to my heart that {most} Christmases growing up were spent nibbling on an array of holiday appetizers, scratching off loto-tickets, driving around looking at Christmas lights in ritzy neighborhoods (and also getting to peep inside those homes since, of course, all lights inside were on and all drapes were left open ; ) opening presents, and then finally settling in to watch "A Christmas Story." I laughed and laughed when Randy ate his dinner like a little piggy, loved the curmudgeon dad, and might've had a little crush on Flick. And..that bunny suit!

Please enjoy a few of my most favorite images from our quick, freezing, late-fall session off Lake Street in Minneapolis; complete with the Chow Mein restaurant. So perfect and fitting! Julie has such a good eye, and I'm reminded every time I see these images how lucky I am to be able to work with such creative people.

Enjoy! And don't shoot yer eye out ; )