minneapolls lifestyle photography

P Family // Minneapolis + St Paul Lifestyle Photography by ASHLEY GROTH

To say that I love photographing this family is a huge understatement. On a whim, they took me up on a last minute offer to squeeze in a family session on a freezing Friday evening in November just before the first snow hit the cities. And I am SO GLAD they did!

Family sessions can be tough--for the ones getting their picture taken. There's pressure making sure everyone is dressed and hair is combed and smiling their best smiles--its hard, I know. But being the one taking the picture, I get to see those moments that you guys cant; the ones with wind blown hair and side eyes from the kiddos and you running around trying to wrangle everyone--THOSE are the pictures that you want, those are the memories that you want captured because that's all real, authentic life my friends.

I always try and tell my families during their session...relax! Pretend I'm not there! Rest assured you will LOVE your photos, just be you! In whatever crazy way that happens to be.

Thank you again P Family, for trusting me with your memories!