wedding photography

Louisa & Giscard by ASHLEY GROTH

Weddings are my absolute favorite things to witness--as the photographer or not. It sounds so trite to say that its because you can feel the love, but... you can FEEL THE LOVE. The giddy excitement in the brides dressing room and the happy nerves in the the tizzy whirlwind until the "I Do's" and then..the sigh. Of relief. The hardest part is over, and the shift that happens is magical. Drinks are flowing and laughter echoes as people take their seats for dinner. And then when I lose it every time: The Toasts. I am always impressed with peoples ability to speak of their love and admiration of someone--filled with silly stories and memories that give you a little peak into the independent parts of the happy couple. And its usually in those speeches where it becomes so CLEAR as to why those two are teaming up for a lifetime together.

Two things stood out to me from Louisa and Giscard's wedding toasts this past February. After Louisa's dad spoke,  I saw Louisa's heart. Her dad told stories that reflected her genuine interest in others; he was funny and honest and proud. And then Giscard's toast to his beautiful wife;  where he told of the look he receives from Louisa when he comes home is the same look he gets from his mother when she picks him up the airport on the other side of the world. Sigh. It was poetic in all the best ways, and so beautifully portrayed their love and admiration for each other.

Now onto my favorite pictures from that day--I'm warning you..after seeing these you're going to want to plan your wedding/vow renewal/anniversary/birthday party/girls trip/any-excuse get-a-way to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

A HUGE thank you to Jen Meneghin Photography for giving me the opportunity to second shoot this wedding in paradise, and big up's to the bride and groom for being so dang cool and glamorous! Go make yourself a margarita on the rocks, put on a sundress or board shorts, and THEN check out these images. You'll believe you're right there soaking up that island sun :)