Adilene Olivia // 5 // Minneapolis Lifestyle Photography / by ASHLEY GROTH

My little bug, Adilene, turned 5 at the end of July. And just like that, shes "school shopping" for new clothes in her closet and practicing packing her lunch in her new Zootopia lunch box.

Addie has always been the greatest balance of being an always-up-for-cuddles baby and a fiery, spirited, independent little lady with a steadfast stubbornness. She's getting older, with long legs that have replaced those chubby little toddler stems she once had. (Mama's out there know what I'm talking about! :( )  But where she has changed outwardly, she's still full of the same tentative curiosity that she always had. Always watching, always listening, always wanting to nurture and care for those around her. This little one is so connected to her heart.

And here we are, less than two weeks before Kindergarten and I'm equally optimistic and excited to watch her learn and hear about her day... but also feeling a little verklempt that my baby really IS growing, so fast. I'm certain that shes bound for big things.

So here we are, celebrating with a little "5 Year" photo session. I hope that this perfect little arrangement of atoms stays full of wonderment, even with the simplest of things.