Chauncy & Tricia // Minneapolis Winter Wedding // Basilica of St Mary / by ASHLEY GROTH

If you live in Minneapolis, chances are you've spotted the Basilica reigning high above Loring Park and standing proud next to the city skyline. Its a beauty of a church, and one that I have wanted to step foot in for for eh ver. Chauncy and Tricia managed to pick maybe THE COLDEST day in all of winter 2017/2018 but we were so cozy inside this architectural masterpiece it took our minds off our freezing feet+hands+ears from pictures we took out on the front steps. A big high five for the best group of bridesmaids who toughed it out standing in the biting cold wind for the most beautiful shots of them supporting their girl, Tricia.

A quick stop at Twin Spirits Distillery which is a place near and dear to C + T for some cocktails was needed, followed by a family filled dinner + dance at Silverwood Park. A little tip for any of you potential toast makers out there; reading excerpts from the brides diary is always a good idea - I was in literal tears from laughing so hard. Enjoy :)