Rachel & Miles by ASHLEY GROTH

You know when you think back to your childhood and you have all these memories from a significant chunk of time in your life, and there is usually one or two people that ALWAYS come to mind, outside of your immediate family?

For me, that "significant chunk of time" was hours entertaining myself at various arenas across the state for my brothers hockey games, tournaments, scrimmages, and practices. And Rachel was one of those people that always come to mind. See, the "sisters of the hockey players" was like a secret club. We had to make our own fun, zipping around in deserted bathrooms and hallways, stopping by the concession stand where at least ONE parent we knew was working to slip us a bite or two of a pretzel with cheese to keep us fueled. And off we ran.

So when Rachel asked me about taking some engagement pictures for her and Miles, I was BEYOND excited. I hadn't seen Rachel in years and when we met up she was still the same tall, sweet, genuine girl with the most infectious laugh that I remember from all those years running around. Rachel and Miles were so easy around each other, and you can really feel that love through these images.

Here are some of my favorite from our session! Can't wait for the wedding that is sure to be a stunner!