washington dc

That One Time I Fell In Love With Washington DC // A Personal post by ASHLEY GROTH

I never really felt any pull to check out DC before. But this past election season, all Addie would talk about was Trump and his orange hair and debates and "what is a president?" So, a quick spring break trip to DC was in store. Though we were only there for 2 full days, we packed a ton in and I'm continually proud of Addie and her little legs for keeping up and walking miles upon miles per day only to get her third wind for hours in the hotel pool after. She is a trooper, and even snoozed in the car while Jon patiently drove the cobble streets of Georgetown so I could hop out every 3 minutes to get yet another picture of a row house and a blooming tree ;) Suffice to say, I feel in love with DC + the architecture + history + even though I was on the hunt for cherry blossoms I was BOWLED OVER with the pink saucer magnolia trees and felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

One of the best parts of traveling with a kiddo is seeing what they see. Addie has been using her nikon cam since she turned 4 and it is so awesome as a photographer to see her love snapping just as much as I do. I can't wait to put together albums of the pictures she has taken over the last 3 years.

DC you get a thumbs up!