lake street

"You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out!" by ASHLEY GROTH

Julie always has the best ideas for holiday cards, so I was super amped when she came to me with her idea last fall. "A Christmas Story."

Now, its a tradition near and dear to my heart that {most} Christmases growing up were spent nibbling on an array of holiday appetizers, scratching off loto-tickets, driving around looking at Christmas lights in ritzy neighborhoods (and also getting to peep inside those homes since, of course, all lights inside were on and all drapes were left open ; ) opening presents, and then finally settling in to watch "A Christmas Story." I laughed and laughed when Randy ate his dinner like a little piggy, loved the curmudgeon dad, and might've had a little crush on Flick. And..that bunny suit!

Please enjoy a few of my most favorite images from our quick, freezing, late-fall session off Lake Street in Minneapolis; complete with the Chow Mein restaurant. So perfect and fitting! Julie has such a good eye, and I'm reminded every time I see these images how lucky I am to be able to work with such creative people.

Enjoy! And don't shoot yer eye out ; )